David GarciaDavid Garcia
Passed First Time
Hi my name is Jose David and I am from Mexico. I passed first time thanks to Dave. Although I had been driving for a while, Daves advice and help was the key to pass first time. He is a very nice and caring person & instructor who was always on time and with a smile. Definitely recommend Dave. 5 Stars! for sure!

Sam BakerSam Baker
Passed First Time
Passed first time! LDC online learning was excellent and all lessons were great. Amazing instructor who is great if your nervous 5/5 - would recommend.

Lauren DyerLauren Dyer
Passed First time
1st time pass! Dave has been amazing for the whole time I have been working with him. The LDC system has worked well, the workbook is great for both the theory and practical exams and reflection after the lessons. I would recommend Dave to anyone and everyone! 5/5 star!

Aron BolaAron Bola
Passed First Time
I passed first time and it was all because of the great advice and direction from Dave. The LDC system is brilliant and i found this very helpful when learning to drive. Dave is a great instructor, he is very calm in every situation and his directions and teaching/coaching techniques are very good. 5 Star

Tom DowellTom Dowell
Test Success
I worked with Dave for a 30 hour Semi-intensive course over a 2 month period. Dave has been a great instructor and is a really nice guy in general. I would highly recommend Dave and the LDC system for anyone wanting to learn to drive. 5 Stars.

Nico BegniNico Begni
Test Success
A big thank you to Dave at LDC, having gone through 4 driving instructors before he finally helped me pass, could not recommend him enough! 5*

Christina PayneChristina Payne
Test Success
Thank you so much for all your help. Dave and the company have been a massive help! Dave has been much fun to learn with and is a great instructor! Going to miss having lessons! Thank you so much 5*

Emma WallenEmma Wallen
Passed First Time
The LDC system is amazing because it totally prepares you not only for the test, but for a lifelong knowledge of safe driving. Dave has been absolutely amazing, so patient and makes you feel so comfortable. Could not recommend him enough. My First time pass is all down to him! 5/5 stars.

Joe BassJoe Bass
Passed First Time
Passed first time ! An amazing service that gives plenty of resources throughout learning. Quality instruction that push you out of any bad habits and helps you get a new, safer understanding of the road. I always felt safe when driving which made me feel comfortable and relaxed. My Instructor Dave always caught any learning points and we worked on them which I think helped me pass. 5/5 star could not be happier with the service.

Kyle CroftKyle Croft
Passed first time
Passed my test first time! I have really enjoyed working with Dave and would recommend him and the LDC system to anyone wanting to learn to drive. 5 Star.

Sam DentSam Dent
Test Success
Over the moon to have passed my test. Dave knows how much it means to me and i would not have done it without his support and guidance. Thanks to his flexibility we have been able to fit lessons around my hectic work life and get the result. Always willing to go that extra mile, thanks Dave! 5 Star.

Kinga KowalskaKinga Kowalska
Passed First Time
It`s a first time pass! Working with Dave could not be better, I am so glad I chose him as my Driving instructor. He is really patient and understanding and made me feel really comfortable. The LDC training system is amazing and I would definitely recommend it. Rating LDC and working with Dave I give a big 5 stars.

Rebecca BucklowRebecca Bucklow
Test Success
I have finally passed! Dave is definitely one of the top instructors and could not have done it without him. He made right the mistakes that I made and identified them for my next lesson. If your looking for a good instructor then choose him! The LDC workbook and online website helped me loads when it came to manoeuvres and my theory. 5 Star.

Ellie ParsonsEllie Parsons
Test Success
I have passed my driving test with Dave & LDC. I would recommend LDC and Dave to anyone wishing to learn to drive as he made it fun. 5 Star

Jeeranan KhanthuengJeeranan Khanthueng
Passed first time with Dave
Driving with Dave is great, i have learned a lot and he is very friendly and understanding. He is very good at his job and gives very good advice. Passed first time with Dave. 5 Star.

Ellie SimpsonEllie Simpson
Passed First Time
Dave helped me pass my test first time! He was excellent, very flexible and supportive. The whole LDC system is great, theres a book and an online system to help with the theory aspect. I would 100% recommend Dave and LDC to others! 5 Star

Rosie HaighRosie Haigh
Passed First Time
The LDC system has been the perfect learning aid for me with learning to Drive. The lessons can be tailored to your needs and as intensive as you like. Dave has been a magnificent instructor, knowing when to push me, knowing when I need to take it steady. He is very laid back which makes you feel very reassured and safe. I am really going to miss the lessons as we had so much fun, but I know Dave has prepared me to be the best driver I can be. I would recommend the service, and Dave to anyone. Thank you so much Dave for all your help. Gas,Gas,Gas,Gas, Gas 5 Star`s

Paul EvansPaul Evans
Test Success
Passed my Driving test! a wonderful learning experience. Would and have recommended Dave to others. 5 Star.

Luke MartinLuke Martin
Test Success
Managed to pass my driving test after working with Dave and the LDC system. I would recommend Dave and LDC to anyone wanting to learn to Drive. 5 star.

Joe ShortJoe Short
Passed First Time
I drove with Dave Hollis, very assertive and reassuring in helping me to pass first time! The LDC videos and website are really helpful. I would recommend Dave and LDC to anyone learning to drive. 5 Star.

William KeywoodWilliam Keywood
Passed First Time
I really enjoyed learning to drive with Dave and the LDC system. The system broke everything down into manageable lessons which Dave taught excellently. He calmed my nerves and allowed me to progress at a good speed, allowing me to pass first time! 5 Star. Many thanks.

Kelvin ChanKelvin Chan
Passed First Time
Passed first time! all thanks to Dave and his incredible teaching/coaching! Dave helped me every step of the way from providing a learning book to help with my theory and being extremely patient which allowed me to make rapid progress. Definitely would recommend Dave and LDC to all my friends. 5/5 star

Sam AshforthSam Ashforth
Passed First Time
Passed first time! Without Dave as an instructor it would not have been possible. LDC is a really great driving school and has really helped me become a confident driver. I would recommend Dave as an instructor as he will push you to succeed and pass first time. 5 Star

James DyerJames Dyer
Passed First Time
I passed first time! i really enjoyed working with Dave Hollis. He is very supportive and he always has full confidence in your driving. I would 100% recommend him, the LDC system is fantastic and great for young drivers. 5 Star

Sam RiceSam Rice
Test Success
I`ve passed my Driving test! LDC were the better company to go for and Dave Hollis was a fantastic Driving instructor. He was quite to the point about the important points and that made driving easier to understand. I did an intensive course with him and went from no confidence to majority confident in the space of 10 hours. I would definately recommend him and LDC to anybody. 5 star

Samir ThapaSamir Thapa
Passed First Time
I have passed my Driving test first time with the help of David and the LDC system. LDC has great structure in preparing you to pass your test. They provide you with a workbook and online access to Theory which enables you to go out on the roads. My personal Driving instructor, David has been amazingly supportive and is great at tutoring and making sure you learn the basics. I would highly recommend David as he has helped both me and my sister to become qualified Drivers. I would rate my Driving experience 5/5 star.

Katie CollingeKatie Collinge
Test Success
Having had other Driving instructors that did not fill me with confidence I contacted David at LDC and immediately felt more comfortable. I would 100% recommend David and LDC to anyone.

Shannon MacaskillShannon Macaskill
Passed First Time
I worked with Dave and the LDC system, that enabled me to achieve a first time pass. The system and Dave are exceptional, the handbook is extremely useful and the online Theory practice will help you gain so much confidence. I tried to use a different Theory practice but i do recommend and advise you to use the LDC Theory system. Overall they are brilliant and I would happily recommend to new drivers. Rate as 5 star.

Ethan CookEthan Cook
Passed First Time
I passed my test first time and really liked Dave and the LDC system. I have learned a lot and really appreciate both Dave and the LDC system. Highly recommend and rate as 5/5 star.

Ethan CookEthan Cook

Weiwei HeWeiwei He
Test Success
Really enjoyed learning to drive with David and I`ve passed my test. He is a very good teacher and totally recommend him as a Driving instructor. The LDC system is really good and was very helpful for both my Theory and Driving test.

Jack Arthur ShawJack Arthur Shaw
Passed First Time
Jack Arthur Shaw Passed first time. I have been very happy with Dave and the LDC system, all the material and resources to pass are provided online and through a handbook which proved to be an excellent tool. Dave is a very knowledgeable, informative and patient instructor with an excellent style of teaching and would recommend him to anyone. Also, thanks again for the last 6 months, very worthwhile. Jack Shaw

Connor SowterConnor Sowter
Test Success
The LDC experience is just what I was looking for. My older brother recommended Dave and I am so glad he did. A brilliant teacher and an amazing friend. I too would recommend Dave to every man, woman & dog! 5 star.

Emily HillEmily Hill
Passed First Time
The LDC system has been perfect for my way of learning. Dave was very understanding and helped me through every step building my confidence as i went on. Very happy as i passed first time with Dave! ***** 5 Stars!

Micah EdwardsMicah Edwards
Test Success
The LDC system and Dave is a very good way to learn and pass your test. Dave is a very nice guy to work with and helped me massively to pass. I recommend Dave and LDC to anyone learning to drive. 5 star.

Helder CostaHelder Costa
Test Success
I`ve had 3 different Driving instructors and 3 different methods of teaching and LDC`s method is by far the best in every sense. I feel as though i`ve become a much safer and confident driver even though driving was one of my biggest fears. I`d recommend Dave and LDC to anyone. 5/5 sTAR

Jessica Stewart-BlakeJessica Stewart-Blake
Test Success
Passed my Driving test, I highly recommend LDC and Dave, he has been amazing sticking by me. 5/5 Star

Khulekani MnisiKhulekani Mnisi
Passed First Time
Working with Dave and the LDC system has enabled me to get a first time pass. Highly recommend to anybody wanting to learn how to become a safe driver. 5 Star.

Stefan CookStefan Cook
Test Success
I would recommend Dave and the LDC system to everyone, it works wonders and Dave never gives up no matter what the faults. 5/5 star, thanks Dave

Scott MoselyScott Mosely
Passed First Time
I would highly recommend Dave and the LDC system. Great to work with, was always a pleasure & passed first time. 5/5 star.

Paige ChinellatoPaige Chinellato
Test Success
Dave has been an amazing instructor who has not only taught me to drive but built up my confidence. The whole process has been an enjoyable whirlwind and i could not have done it without Dave. I would highly recommend him and thank you so much! 5 star*****

Sheila FosbrookSheila Fosbrook
Passed First Time
Thanks Dave, you really put me at ease through my lessons and made them fun which helped me pass my test first time. I would recommend you and LDC to friends. 5 Star

Liam BarradellLiam Barradell
Passed First Time
After working with Dave and the LDC System I passed first time. I thoroughly enjoyed my time with Dave, he is an excellent instructor and I will recommend him to everybody I know. Thanks Dave!

Miley MuzaMiley Muza
Passed First Time
I passed first time with Dave. The LDC system was great and it came with a lot of online resources as well as a workbook which proved to be a great aid and definitely contributed towards me passing both the Theory and Practical tests. Dave was a great instructor, he had all the necessary qualities, patience, punctual, a good sense of humour and profesional. I would rate my experience 5/5 star and would definitely recommend Dave and LDC to anyone looking for a Driving instructor.

Laura McNallyLaura McNally
Passed First Time
Passed my test first time! I have really enjoyed learning to drive with LDC. Dave is an excellent instructor and i highly recommend him. Dave is a fun instructor and safety is his number 1 priority. 5 star

Matt HigtonMatt Higton
Passed First Time
Just Passed my Driving Test First Time having completed a Semi-Intensive course with Dave Hollis. The style of learning definitely helps build confidence in Driving and ensures every chance of success. I would definitely recommend Dave and the LDC system. 5/5 stars

Victoria Elizabeth BaileyVictoria Elizabeth Bailey
Passed First Time
I passed my test first time with Dave Hollis. Even though I was extremely nervous his patient approach with the LDC system put me at ease. 5/5 star

Marissa GerardMarissa Gerard
Passed First Time
Dave is one of the loveliest people i have ever met and I would recommend him to anyone! He kept me calm on all the lessons and helped me pass first time. LDC as a whole are great and i would give a 5 star rating! Thanks Dave.

Olivia StevensonOlivia Stevenson
Passed First Time
I managed to pass first time with no faults - a massive achievement for myself, but also credit to Dave at LDC. I would recommend LDC a million times over and you can`t complain with the quality of lessons at all. 5/5!

Anju BadhanAnju Badhan
Congratulations to Anju
David is a very calm person and teaches very well in a way that is very clear and reassuring. I would rate Dave & the LDC system as 5 star

John LynchJohn Lynch
Passed First Time
The LDC system is excellent in ensuring that I had the skills to pass first time. Dave is an amazing Instructor who ensures that all bases are covered before you take your Test. I would highly recommend him to anyone. 5 Star.

Luke SimcoxLuke Simcox
Passed First Time
Passed my Driving test first time today. All thanks to the LDC System & Dave. The experience was enjoyable and i would highly recommend Dave and the LDC System to anyone.

Amy WallenAmy Wallen
Driving test success
I`ve just passed my Driving test thanks to Dave at LDC. It has been a journey i have thoroughly enjoyed thanks to the support and hands on learning techniques. I`ve been taught to drive safely for life, not just to pass a test. I would give LDC 6* If i could.

Mani SeeapathyMani Seeapathy
I enjoyed my Driving lessons and highly recommend Dave and the LDC system for helping me get my Driving Licence. Dave will make sure you pass your test.

Callum RogersCallum Rogers
Passed First Time
I enjoyed working with Dave, he is a good tutor and is easy to get along with. I am thankful to Dave and LDC for helping me to pass first time and I found the LDC lesson method to be effective on picking up and focusing on the areas I needed to improve. Once again i would like to thank Dave and LDC for giving me the opportunity to become an independent car driver.

Brandon ChindindiBrandon Chindindi
Driving Test success
Passed my Driving Test! I think the LD System is absolutely fantastic and i have really enjoyed working with Dave, Dave is an exceptional instructor who likes to work under a no pressure basis which really helped me feel at ease behind the wheel. I highly recommend Dave as an instructor who is also a great teacher in terms of the technical side of it. I would give a 5/5 star rating

Jack HarrisonJack Harrison
Passed First Time
I would totally recommend the LDC Driving intensive crash course. The experience and knowledge from David & LDC have helped me pass first time!

James DawsonJames Dawson
Congratulations to James
I would recommend Dave as he`s a fantastic LCD Driving Instructor. He`s always on time and had a good friendly manner. I found the LDC learning system good and would give it 5 stars. I also found the lessons very enjoyable and was comfortable all the way through the lessons.

Cameron HoggCameron Hogg
Passed First Time
Learning with Dave was great. The LDC System is very good as a whole with all the resources available to help you learn and website to help you track your progress. I passed first time and feel this was due to the great teaching from Dave. He is an incredibly friendly, easy to get along with guy and a very good teacher. I would highly recommend Dave to anyone who wants to learn to drive.

Arjun SodhiArjun Sodhi
Passed First Time
My learning experience has been enjoyable & I have passed first time. Dave is a good tutor who understands the needs of the learner. I would definitely recommend Dave and LDC to other learners.

Olivia ShawOlivia Shaw
Passed First Time
Took my Driving Test today and passed first time. My instructor Dave was amazing and the LD system easy to follow. Highly recommend and rate 5/5.

Jake Watts-RileyJake Watts-Riley
First time Pass
I took my Driving test today and was quite nervous. Luckily I passed first time due to a superb amount of help from my Instructor Dave. The LD System is great in the way that it helped me learn. Having the website to practice my theory questions also helped to improve my self-confidence on the road. I will rate it as 5 out of 5 because I`ve had no problems whatsoever. I would definitely recommend the LD System, but most of all Dave. He has massive respect and enthusiasm for every Learner driver. He helped me feel confident and secure on the road which is the main reason I feel I have passed first time. A lot of thanks to Dave.

Naqeeb MalikNaqeeb Malik
Successful Pass
I found the LD System quite effective in learning to drive as there was always something I could do in my own home to enhance my understanding further. I`d definitely recommend Dave! I have been called unmotivated all my life but he motivated me to learn to drive which is a skill i!d like to keep my entire life. His approach works & his jokes keep you entertained too!

Dalia RamosDalia Ramos
Passed First Time
There was only one way I wanted to do it - right the first time. So after asking many friends I contacted David, having full confidence in him, the Car and the LDC system. And that was the way we did it right the first time!

Ellis ReadEllis Read
Passed First Time
Working with Dave has been great and I would highly recommend him and the LDC System. The car was great to learn in and I would give Dave and the LDC System 5 out of 5 and recommend them to everybody.

Kiran SamraKiran Samra
I thoroughly enjoyed having Dave as a Driving Instructor. I managed to pass first time due to his calm, positive nature. We had many laughs and I always looked forward to my lessons. The LDC System allowed me to progress at my own rate in a teaching method that worked for me. Thank you!!

Jack BallJack Ball
Dave is really laid back, he taught me well and showed me a different way of Driving.

Matt DaftMatt Daft
Really excited to have passed first time with the LDC System. They have provided me with the opportunity to learn how to drive and "be coached" in a way that really suited me!

Dave my driving instructor was ace and I would definitely recommend him to those looking to learn in the future. Many thanks to Dave & the LDC System.

Jodi CunninghamJodi Cunningham
Passed my Driving test with Dave Hollis who is a brilliant LDC instructor who ensured the LDC system worked great for me. The car is very nice to learn in and drive and I would recommend Dave & the LD System 100% to anyone wanting to learn to drive.

Alice WilliamsAlice Williams
Learning to drive with Dave was a lovely & stress free experience. The Car was great & I learnt to Drive over a couple of months which fit into my life perfectly.

Ashley CampbellAshley Campbell
I have been having Driving lessons with Dave Hollis, LDC Driving instructor. I found the lessons to be very enjoyable & professional and always looked forward to my next lesson. I progressed through my lessons by following the LDC techniques and this enabled me to pass my driving test first time. I would thoroughly recommend Dave to anybody wanting Driving Lessons.

Carmen RojasCarmen Rojas
It was great to learn with Dave, he is patient and always made sure I felt confident with my driving. Thanks to him I passed my test first time! Thanks Dave.

Terrel CardinTerrel Cardin
David is a really good Driving Instructor and I would recommend him. He makes sure that your dfriving skills are almost perfect before you take your test.

Steve BenyonSteve Benyon
Working with Dave has definitely been a pleasure, I could not have imagined a Driving instructor to be as kind and understand learning from the ground up. Owe this all to you!

Sam HoweSam Howe
I have absolutely loved working with Dave, he is an extremely good teacher no matter what experience you have to start with! I learnt very quickly with Dave and I have enjoyed every lesson we have been on! Looking forward to getting a car and hopefully going on to do a Pass Plus course with Dave in the future.

Luke CrispLuke Crisp
Working with Dave is an experience many should have. He always helps you develop your skills as well as having a laugh & Joke.

Overall I would highly recommend him to others as he coached me to a first time pass after 4 months.

Charly KeenCharly Keen
Working with Dave has been awesome, he really helped me out with learning to Drive but having fun whilst doing it! I would recommend him to any learner who wants to learn to drive but wants to have a laugh along the way. I`m going to miss our chats now I`ve passed.

Mia SmartMia Smart
Dave was a great Driving instructor, really patient & easy to get along with. Dave and the LDC system got me a first time pass and I would definitely recommend him to anyone!

Jack SilvesterJack Silvester
It feels great to pass first time. Dave taught me all the in's & out's and helped me become a Safe, skilled driver. Would recommend.

Laura CholertonLaura Cholerton
The LD system One week pass was a very good choice as they teach everything you need to know in the way you want to learn. My Driving Instructor was very polite and friendly and very easy to get along with and taught me everything I needed to learn.

Gary LoweGary Lowe
I have been learning to Drive with David from late November 2014 and passed February 2015 and pleased to say. Learning to drive with Dave has been a very pleasant experience.

He is a professional person and realises that all individuals have different needs, he has a very relaxed approach in all circumstances and I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you Dave.

Tariro HoveTariro Hove
I have been learning to drive for Five years with different Instructors and taking my Driving test twice and failing. I was really struggling with my manoeuvres and had given up driving all together and when I found out about LDC I thought I will give it a try.

I booked a Test Booster course with Dave and was really nervous after trying for so long.

Dave has helped my confidence grow massively and we only had a week to learn everything but I managed to do all the manoeuvres I had struggled with and Dave`s way of teaching helped as he encouraged me as we worked together as a team.

I am so glad I took this course with Dave, it was great working with him. The best instructor I have worked with.

Jade Crossley-GilbankJade Crossley-Gilbank
It was an enjoyable experience working with Dave and he gave me a lot of Confidence and felt so comfortable when I was driving or making mistakes. I would recommend Dave as he is such a lovely person to get your confidence up there. I have now passed my test from being a nervous to now confident driver because of the instruction from Dave.

Andra ProdanAndra Prodan
Thank you so much for all your help.
Passed first time only three weeks after first getting in the Driver's seat. The whole experience was lovely and I had way more fun than I ever imagined I would. Thanks again.

Hannah AllenHannah Allen
A lovely patient man who made me enjoy driving. I am truly grateful for all the help to pass my test. I would definitely recommend learning with Dave.

Richard HargraveRichard Hargrave
A really good experience which resulted in a first time pass! Learning to drive in a relaxed and calm environment definitely helped. I would highly recommend Dave to anyone who wishes to learn how to drive.

Laxman LawandLaxman Lawand
I have been learning to drive with David for 3 months and felt like I was honoured to learn from him as he is very friendly and helpful.

Today is the day I passed my test and it felt so easy because of the way David taught me to drive.

Rebekka JohannesRebekka Johannes
If it wasn`t for Dave`s patience and care I don`t think it would have been possible for me to pass first time. I would recommend Dave to anyone who is nervous when it comes to Driving.

Emma BushEmma Bush
Finally passed my Driving Test!
It was a pleasure learning to Drive with Dave, a very easy going Instructor who I would highly recommend.

Katy RidgwayKaty Ridgway
Thank you for all your help and support I could not have done it without you. It`s my first test and with your support I passed, best Instructor ever.

Danny BiddleDanny Biddle
A first time pass!
An absolutely fantastic Seven weeks and most enjoyable time of my life. A fantastic understanding gentleman who listens and appreciates everything you need to say. Thanks Dave for everything.

Hayley FretwellHayley Fretwell
I came to Dave after a 3 year gap from learning to drive. Dave immediately put me at ease and assured me that through working collaboratively I could pass my test first time, which I did!

Dave is incredibly patient and each lesson was planned around areas of development. Working collaboratively meant that I self directed the lessons and could try out things I felt I needed to work on.

I will definitely be recommending this way of learning to drive and have already recommended Dave to others! Thank you so much, learning to drive has given me the independence I needed.

Colette SmythColette Smyth
Really happy at having passed first time.
Dave, Thank you for all your help and encouragement! It`s been a pleasure learning to drive with you. You explain things really well and have been very patient.

I wouldn`t hesitate to recommend you.

Callum WhiffinCallum Whiffin
Dave, Thanks for helping me pass my test. A great Instructor whom I have learnt a lot from and become a very confident Driver. I can`t thank you enough for all the hard work and commitment you have put into my lessons. Hope to see you driving around.

Shaun RaffertyShaun Rafferty
Thank you for all your dedication and commitment and for putting up with my constant questions - much appreciated. Thanks for your understanding and patience. Will definitely recommend you.

Lili FuLili Fu
Dave is the best Instructor in Derby.
All the driving courses are well planned and based on my need of areas to improve. I felt very comfortable and enjoyed every minute of the lessons. He is familiar with test routes and that makes a big advantage in the test.

I`ll recommend him to everyone. Many thanks for all the help Dave, much appreciated.

Debbie MeynellDebbie Meynell
Working with Dave was a pleasure. He made me feel at ease straight away and made the lessons fun.

I came to David after trying a few other driving instructors (I'd had about 16 lessons), and my first lesson with him was the best lesson I'd ever had. David put me at ease straight away and listened to what I was saying. After each lesson with him I came away more confident even my family commented on it.

I booked my test for Sinfin test centre but it was cancelled a week before I was due to take it. So I had the bright idea of doing my test in Burton instead. David had the challenge of getting me test ready for a town I'd never even been too never mind driven around in just over 2 weeks.

He is a miracle worker I PASSED with only 4 minors.

I had a huge wobble at the beginning not even wanting to drive into the car park and I was so nervous all the way round. I just remembered what I was taught in lessons and managed to get through it.

I've already arranged for my son to have his lessons from David and I have total confidence he will pass first time too.

Thank you so much.

Dave has been brilliant, always calm and pleasant and up for a good laugh in between. With a very tight schedule he helped me pass first time.

Alexander SowterAlexander Sowter
Dave - Nothing like him!
One of the most patient people you could ever have, always extremely helpful and wanting you to push that bit further. It`s been one brilliant journey resulting in a first time pass. I`d recommend Dave to every Man, Woman and their dog!

Dee GedlingDee Gedling
Dave was a great Teacher and I would highly recommend him. A good sense of humour in a very calming atmosphere I enjoyed all my lessons with Dave.

I worked with the AA beforehand but would not recommend them at all.

Daniel RichardsDaniel Richards
A very calm and capable Instructor, made it fun and enjoyable. Will recommend Dave to my wife.

Matt DurantMatt Durant
I Passed my Driving Test today!
Dave calmed me down from never having driven a car to passing my Test within a few months of working with him. I would recommend Dave to anyone who is thinking of learning to drive.

Rishrin Ismaeel
I took my driving Test today and passed first time. I would like to thank my very good instructor Dave. He put me at ease and I felt very confident with him and I would highly Recommend Dave as an Instructor.

Hannah TaylorHannah Taylor
I have been very pleased with the Lessons that Dave has given me. With his help I have made quick progress & a first time pass. He is a good and patient Instuctor.

Sangita ThapaSangita Thapa
I passed my Driving Test. I`m so happy - so over the moon and thank you so much Dave for helping me through all of this. Thank you.

Danielle HallettDanielle Hallett
What a fantastic experience!!
Learning to Drive with Dave was such a pleasure to Work with, he has the patience of a saint!! Everything was explained very well and he allowed me all the time I needed!

I highly recommend Dave as an Instructor although you have to take his jokes with a pinch of salt!!

Daniel DeanDaniel Dean
Dave`s a great Instructor, very cool, calm and collected, everything you want when learning to drive.

I started out apprehensive about Driving but Dave helped me to overcome any fears and pass first time.

Kimberley FaleelKimberley Faleel
Learning with Dave was an enjoyable experience from the first day. I was put at ease and after some good tips and great guidance I happily passed.

April AugustinApril Augustin
Learning to drive with Dave made my experience a very special one. I am so grateful for his teaching technique as it always helped me learn and improve.

I am so happy I have passed my test and would not have done it without Dave`s help. I hope Dave continues to help people get their license as if it makes them as happy as I am then it will be great. Thank you so much.

Curtis BiddleCurtis Biddle
Learning to Drive with Dave was very good. We worked as a team and he got me to where I want to be and I am happy that I passed first time. I was very confident and Dave helped me with my confidence. Thanks Dave.

Rebecca WalkerRebecca Walker
I am now such a confident Driver after driving with Dave. He has always made sure that I understood everything being taught and that I actually enjoyed his Lessons. Before the Lessons began I would be so eager to start as I am so passionate about driving. I can honestly say that Dave is the reason I passed, Thankyou.

Calvin RodneyCalvin Rodney
I think my time spent with Dave has made me the Driver I am. The learning was fun but at the same time Professional and direct and Dave paid good attention to detail to see and correct all my little faults. Dave was patient and got the point across with a good sense of humour and I would refer any Learner Driver to him.

Jason Shotton Jason Shotton
I was very pleased all the way throughout semi-intensive course of lessons. I had a lot of fun every time I got into the car with Dave and felt safe the whole time. I was able to pass my test first time after having 30 hours practice due to Dave`s Teaching technique.

Phil LaskeyPhil Laskey
Dave's driving tuition using the LD System has without doubt enabled me to pass my driving test.

Dave is a pleasant, helpful and very patient instructor who can offer constructive criticisum and is always happy to offer demonstartions and advice. Highly recommend Dave.

Mayson SeagalMayson Seagal
I asked Dave to provide a Semi-intensive driving course to enable a quick successful pass. A patient instructor who can clearly demonstrate and explain the art of safe driving.I would have no hesitation in recommending Dave as an excellent instructor.

I Had a Test booked at short notice and honestly thought I would not pass. I contacted Dave Hollis who hastily arranged a Test Booster and within a period of 5 days I took my test and passed first time.

Many thanks to Dave and I would recommend Dave as a Driving Instructor.

Matt WarnerMatt Warner
Driving Test success
I would definitely recommend the LDC system and my instructor Dave Hollis. It has been a pleasure to have Dave as my instructor and I would like to thank him for his patience as i know it was`nt easy. We got there in the end Dave. I would also give this service 5 stars as i got all the help I needed and Dave was always there when i needed him.

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